Optical detectors "BQ" of moving yarns


6. Order Specification

BQ xxx xx V ( x, l )


1 - Sensor operating area spacing (4,5) .

2 - Type of sensor according to the output version (6, 6P, 7, 8, 8N)

3 - Supply voltage (12V, 24V)

4 - Cable endings (P-point, K-connector SVS5, X-connector XLR, F- fast-ON

5 - Cable length in centimetres

Performing of the input IN (colour and implementation of control lamp diode HL2) after an agreement with a producer.


BQ47 Sensors are available with screwed connecting block without a cable.


Delivery date: up to the amount of 200 pcs ... 1month, for orders of higher delivery than that, it is necessary to make an agreement with the producer.


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